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Company and Commercial Lawyer in Delhi

Rajbir Singh Bal & Co. is a Delhi law firm that handles company law and commercial law cases based out of New Delhi, India. We provide legal expertise to companies, both Indian and foreign, regarding business laws and regulations in India.

What is Company Law, Corporate Law, and Commercial Law?

One is often faced with the question: what is company law, corporate law, and commercial law. While the three sound similar and interchangeable, they are not. Below, we discuss what the three are, and how the difference between the 3 sets of laws apply to you.

  • Company Law in India

Let’s begin with Company Law. Company Law is a small but specific part of Corporate Law in India.

Company Law deals entirely with the provisions under the Companies Act 2013. This includes the Act, and further amendments by way of notifications and circulars provided by the government.

If you wish to read the Companies Act 2013, you may read it here at the Ministry of Corporate Affairs’ website:

To provide you with a broader understanding of Company Law services, click here.

  • Corporate Law in India

Corporate Law covers the Companies Act, and additionally, a few other regulatory bodies.

More specifically, corporate law deals with legal issues surrounding partnerships and corporate structures in India. Corporate law guides the relationship between a company and the government, as well as the company and its investors.

A legal advisor to corporations serve the purpose of ensuring proper alignment with the various corporate laws and regulatory bodies in India. Corporate lawyers can provide you and your business with legal advice that addresses the various points of interest and contention in a legal issue.

In India, Corporate Law is in effect when you are dealing with the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA), Securitisation and Reconstruction of Financial Assets or SARFESI Act 2002, Securities Contracts (Regulation) Act, and mercantile law such as the Sale of Goods Act. These are just some of the examples where a corporate lawyer can help you.

A common example of Corporate Law work is corporate filings. To provide you with a broader understanding of other Corporate Law services and examples, click here.

  • Commercial Law in India

Commercial law deals with commerce, or in other words, business exchanges. This specifically yields itself to covering legal agreements that oversee transactions.

The most common examples of commercial law are in the sale of products or services, venture, trademark licensing, permits, and contracts.

So why does commercial law exist? It is to allow smooth business transactions without having to deal with older practices that may no longer be relevant or cost-effective.

Commercial law, along with contract law, is almost essential for persons involved in businesses. Here are a few examples of Commercial Law and its applications:

What are our areas of service

  • Corporate Law – Conducting legal due diligence on the entity (if required) and identifying the risk(s) involved.
  • Corporate Law – Assistance in setting up of the legal entity.
  • Corporate Law – Assisting the legal entity in obtaining approvals, licenses, registrations, etc.
  • Company Law – Liquidation and winding up of a company.
  • Company Law – Registration and Incorporation of a company.
  • Commercial Law – Drafting of lease and other agreements.
  • Commercial Law – Drafting of partnership deeds.